Ginger Denton

As a Central IL native who has lived in various places, I have an intimate knowledge of the area and the benefits of rural living. All areas of the US have their special qualities, from the bustle of Washington DC, to quaint Chicago neighborhoods to the mystique of the Arizona high desert, but I have found none that match the soul of Central IL. Changes in location are not just about relocating, its about a lifestyle. While buying or selling are big affairs, I help you navigate the small details as well that will make transitions smooth. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy farm ground, timber or a rural home with elbow room, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Agent Properties

State County Acres Price Status
IL Douglas 000.17 $170000 contract pending
IL Douglas County
000.17 +/- acres $170000 contract pending
IL Moultrie 000.05 $60000 sold
IL Moultrie County
000.05 +/- acres $60000 sold
IL Piatt 000.06 $50000 sold
IL Piatt County
000.06 +/- acres $50000 sold
IL Moultrie 000.19 $46000 current
IL Moultrie County
000.19 +/- acres $46000 current
IL Moultrie 000.20 $58000 sold
IL Moultrie County
000.20 +/- acres $58000 sold
IL Moultrie 000.21 $65000 sold
IL Moultrie County
000.21 +/- acres $65000 sold
IL Piatt 000.19 $110000 sold
IL Piatt County
000.19 +/- acres $110000 sold
IL Piatt 000.36 $58000 sold
IL Piatt County
000.36 +/- acres $58000 sold
IL Douglas 000.47 $184000 sold
IL Douglas County
000.47 +/- acres $184000 sold
IL Moultrie 000.23 $79000 sold
IL Moultrie County
000.23 +/- acres $79000 sold
IL Piatt 000.30 $13500 current
IL Piatt County
000.30 +/- acres $13500 current