Lacey Cunningham

Lacey found a love for real estate at a young age. She would accompany her father to look at investment properties as a child. She loved to watch how the properties were transformed and made into something more appealing. Now she feels her background helps her to have vision and see potential in real estate.
Lacey is a Rushville, IL high school graduate. She attended Western Illinois University where she received her degree in communication and marketing. In 2011, Lacey earned her Real Estate Brokers licence and has been working is real estate sales ever since.
Lacey and her family reside in rural Rushville, IL

Agent Properties

State County Acres Price Status
IL Schyler 000.28 $27000 current
IL Schyler County
000.28 +/- acres $27000 current
IL Schuyler 0.15 $140000 current
IL Schuyler County
0.15 +/- acres $140000 current
IL Schuyler 000.52 $89900 sold
IL Schuyler County
000.52 +/- acres $89900 sold
IL Schuyler 0.15 $125000 sold
IL Schuyler County
0.15 +/- acres $125000 sold
IL Schuyler 0.21 $135000 sold
IL Schuyler County
0.21 +/- acres $135000 sold
IL Schuyler 000.61 $185000 sold
IL Schuyler County
000.61 +/- acres $185000 sold
IL Schuyler 6.98 $165000 sold
IL Schuyler County
6.98 +/- acres $165000 sold
IL Schuyler 0.30 $199900 sold
IL Schuyler County
0.30 +/- acres $199900 sold